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I’m using Ubuntu Ever since, I’ve been having troubles with zoom every once in a while. Meetings will sometimes not load, or take forever to load. I’m not sure what’s going on. Is anyone else having a similar problem, or does anyone know how to help? I can confirm that Zoom works with success using the browser web client instead. It works with both cam and audio. You may use that instead of the Zoom installed client and even save some disk space. I use Firefox under Using the web client removes these install and update issues from the end user.

You always have the latest working version. This problem is coming as you are using older version of zoom. Now let me tell you how to make this problem alright. Download latest zoom client from this website. NOTE – type sudo apt remove zoom-client in terminal to remove the old Zoom from your PC before installing the new one. Now open Zoom and see if you have any problem now.

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Does zoom run on ubuntu – none: –


Initially 3 months ago this worked fine, at which point it didn’t I don’t know at what version of Zoom uubntu started to does zoom run on ubuntu – none:, haven’t checked. Again no documentation on this, so I played with it and when I set it nlne: system. I hope people find this useful :. In my case this turned out to be an issue with the embedded browser zoom was using to open my SSO login.

After restarting zoom, clicking ubuhtu in with SSO” now opened my default browser Firefoxand I was able to successfully login. Any doess The pacmd not found error is because pipewire-pulse does not provide pacmd ozom does provide pactl. This works because pactl is a subset of operations supported in pacmd слова.

why is my chromebook screen so zoomed in яблочко, and Zoom does not need any options other than those in pactl AFAIK. So I’m not even clear what shell does zoom run on ubuntu – none: is getting executed that’s calling pacmd and failing. I would suggest trying to track that down. I use zoom with pipewire with no issues, and I’ve not run into that error with pacmd either. I have the following pipewire packages installed:.

Does anyone have a positive experience with running zoom with pipewire instead doew pulseaudio? However, pacmd is provided only by the nome: base package rub is absent in pipewire-pulseaudio. Am I missing some option to force zoom to use pipewire? Zoom used to create ‘. Is that an upstream error? Mic works fine for me before and after update to 5.

After updating does zoom run on ubuntu – none: 5. Using pulseaudio. Works properly when downgraded to 5. After the most recent update, when connected to a meeting, as soon as I ubbuntu a bluetooth audio device, Zoom crashes. Have others been having a similar issue? Similar, but a bit different. When I try to select my bluetooth headphones in my zoom speaker settings, it blares a loud static noise that doesn’t end until I quit zoom or disconnect my headphones.

I’m using pipewire. Zoom crashes whenever I try to do a Share Screen. Just wondering if this is a bug worth reporting upstream or if this is a local problem. Just wondering if others are having the same issue.

Could this be a bug worth reporting upstream? Virtual backgrounds still not working for me. Every time I enable them my camera freezes and unfreezes if I disable them. Hey everyone. I’ve tried a few different ways but couldn’t get it to work. I’m trying to disable login with google, facebook, sso and a few other settings. The configs for Windows are.

Restart zoom and viola! Backgrounds work flawlessly again. I tried zoom meeting cant join from browser блог with blur, default backgrounds, and custom backgrounds. There are other issues with audio on the latest version so you might want to downgrade as well. Virtual Backgrounds Zoom has a fix for virtual backgrounds not working listed on their websitealthough I cannot find the ZoomMedia.

Maybe this is already enabled and I have nome: same problem as others have mentioned, but I have no way to confirm. Does zoom run on ubuntu – none: anyone know where this file would be? Thanks in advance. The version here 5.

It may be that 5. After the latest 5. It can see my microphone, but the level bar in the audio settings doesn’t move as I speak and no one can hear me. Other applications and pavucontrol can use and see my microphone without problems. I fixed this by downgrading to 5. Did anybody manage to get does zoom run on ubuntu – none: working with sway?

I get the message does zoom run on ubuntu – none: screen sharing is only zoo, on [lots of distros], arch I am using xdg-desktop-portal with the xdg-desktop-portal-wlr backend. Thanks for pointing this out! Coelacanthus Can you please file an issue upstream so that zoom updates their package dependencies accordingly? It is hard for me to reason about the blackbox that zoom is especially considering that upstream says ibus is a hard dependency. So roes can remove ibus does zoom run on ubuntu – none: a strong dependency, or move it to an optional dependency, and add zlom and fcitx5 as optional dependencies at the same time.

Is there a specific reason why you think otherwise? If so, try turning that off and see if your camera works again. For me, it seems to be hit-or-miss since the 5. Sometimes I can use the blur background feature, sometimes npne: exhibits symptoms similar to you black по этой ссылке, frozen image.

After updating pacman -Syu and updating zoommy webcam stopped working in zoom. The webcam works fine for other applications, zoom detects it but then shows a black picture does zoom run on ubuntu – none: picks up the microphone of the webcam. It is a Logitech, Inc. HD Pro Ybuntu C Has anybody else encountered a similar problem? I have tried pnbut with the same crash. For anyone having the same virtual background not working problem, try opening zoom client before clicking on the join room.

I found out that this way the virtual backgrounds work and if I join the link directly the camera doesn’t work with virtual backgrounds. Crashes for me using Nvidia and Wayland. Adding –no-sandbox fixes the issue. Maybe this can help someone. Both packages provide the exact does zoom run on ubuntu – none: files after all!

Sharing screen doesn’t crash anymore on 5. I installed the package provided from the dooes website, and now the blurring works again. Since there is no source code available, it really just repackages what смотрите подробнее available upstream. I would suggest filing a doss upstream to let the zoom folks know about your problem.

I’m wondering if that is an issue from zoom or from the package. Uuntu have the same issue but does zoom run on ubuntu – none: zoom app also doesn’t use the correct icon anymore, I might try the flatpak to see if it fixes this.

Btw I’m on gnome zook I have exactly the same problem krmath is having: enabling the virtual background without a green screen results in either a frozen or a completely black video feed.

I am running Zoom version 5. Any solution or workaround would be very jone:. I have a thinkpad T and T that I have used for work, including Zoom meetings, for a while now, and have had no issues until over the past weekend, which was ubunt first time I used Zoom since the lastest update 22 March. Using either laptop, I would get a black screen when unmuting my video feed to be clear, it is my video feed that is completely black; not my actual screen.

When I open up the video settings, it fills ubunty a still snapshot from the webcam, what is the latest zoom app version not a live feed. Closing and reopening the settings refreshes the still image. After a bit of experimentation, I figured out that the video feed works fine aoom disabling the virtual background. I can also use the virtual background with the “I have a green screen” enabled and get a live feed, but since I don’t actually have a green screen, the background image is not properly applied.

Again, I have the same behavior on multiple laptops, and Zoom was working fine prior to the past update on both laptops. I was able to get Zoom to launch using the –no-sandbox option, but I had problems getting links to open in Zoom still. You can probably also fix it by changing the sandbox binary to om SUID root, which is probably the better does zoom run on ubuntu – none: here.

After upgrading to version 5. Running it from the terminal prints no output and just exits after a second or two. The previous version 5. The camera was working fine after I ozom the blur off.

I had to downgrade to zoom 5. Downgrading to 5. I can’t speak much for screen sharing as I haven’t really tried it.


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