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This brief tutorial shows students and new users steps to install Zoom client on Ubuntu It allows users to schedule and join meetings, video webinar and provide remote technical support. Zoom is one of the few companies that provides full Linux support.

The client is not an opensource software. The are multiple ways to install Zoom client on Ubuntu. You can use the command line terminal as well as the desktop GUI. The quickest way to install Zoom client is via Ubuntu command line interface. Simply run the commands below to install the client. You should then get a prompt to accept packages that are going to be installed.

Type y for Yes and continue the installation. Click the Download button to save to your desktop, usually in the Downloads folder of your Home directory. After downloading, navigate to your Downloads folder in your Home directory, then right-click the downloaded file and select Open With Software Install. That should prompt you to type and confirm your password before the installation can continue.

To launch it, go to the Activities Overview and search Zoom and launch it. This post showed you how to install Zoom client on Ubuntu If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report. In my spare time, I research topics that are interesting and worthwhile for users and students who want to try something new. I, too, am a student and my focus here is to help other students and new users get started with managing Ubuntu Linux, Windows, Content Management Systems CMS and others.

Got Zoom installed on Ubuntu Is there a way around this? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Published by Richard. To me Zoom is a useful app, so I need to download. So please help me. Thank you very much for sending me such a sweetheart reply. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


– How can I choose the Zoom virtual background feature using Ubuntu? – Ask Ubuntu – Method 2: Install Zoom on Ubuntu using command line [Not Recommended]


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The rankings we publish may take into consideration the affiliate commissions we earn for purchases through links on our website. What makes it even better is that you can download Zoom for free. A free account will get you u nlimited meetings per day, no time limits on one-on-one meetings, and a minute limit on group meetings with up to people.

There are also web extensions for Chrome and Firefox that you can add for your convenience. According to the Zoom website , you need to have a physical green screen to have virtual backgrounds on Ubuntu: Linux Requirements Zoom Desktop Client for Linux, version 2. Sasha Sasha 41 1 1 bronze badge. Please explain what you mean by “A physical green screen”? Thanks for your answer! Unfortunately this not solve the issue as at the moment I do not get any message that I should put a green screen, I do not have that option at all.

So even having a physical green screen I would not be able to use this feature. Yeah, the Windows Zoom client uses image analysis to do background replacement. However, their Linux client can only do chroma-key replacement, which means that you’ll get terrible results unless you use a greenscreen. If you have an Nvidia card, you might be able to hack together a proper background replacement using open-source tools, as detailed here: elder.

I couldn’t get it working myself though, but it’s interesting that it’s possible. Perhaps Zoom will add this feature to the Linux client in future. Lari Hotari Lari Hotari 2 2 silver badges 6 6 bronze badges. I just got this update. I still have to check the “I have green screen” box and my real background still shows through. Maybe my laptop does not satisfy the minimum requirements. It would be odd if there’s a minimum requirement that isn’t met on a typical laptop.

It doesn’t seem to require a GPU. The reverse is also true. Your device may be blocking access to your camera.

To verify that the Zoom app has camera permission settings on Windows 10, start by typing Settings into the search bar. The first section allows access to your camera on your device. The next section globally gives your installed apps access to your camera.

If it is off, toggle the switch to turn it On. Note that you can change the permissions for individual apps under the Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your camera and Allow desktop apps to access your camera settings sections.

The Zoom app is located under the desktop apps section. For Mac OS For other versions of Mac, contact Apple Support. For calls in a Virtual Meeting Room or Virtual Auditorium you can also select Spotlight to bring the participant into the main video window for as long as the Camera Control overlay is open. You can also enable your own camera to be controlled by another participant — see Enable far-end camera control for more information.

To see a list of conference events that have occurred during the course of the call participants joining, leaving, presenting etc. All events, including chat messages, are shown in the Events tab of the side panel which is to the left of or at the bottom of the screen, depending on the screen width.

Messages are visible to everyone else in the conference with a chat-capable client such as Skype for Business or Infinity Connect. From the top of the side panel, select Control and then select Lock meeting or Unlock meeting:. Participants who are waiting to join a locked conference are shown in the Participant list with a tick and cross next to their names. To allow these participants to join the conference, select the green tick.

If you do not want them to join, select the red cross. If a Guest joins a meeting without a Host, they are kept waiting to join until the first Host joins, at which point all waiting Guests are automatically allowed in to the meeting. However, this only applies if the Host has joined with audio or video; presentation and control-only Hosts do not automatically trigger Guests to join. If you have joined a meeting as a presentation and control-only Host and want Guests to join, from the top of the side panel, select Control and then select Start the meeting.

From the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, select Add participant. At the prompt, enter the address of the person you want to dial. The call is placed from the conference to the participant and they appear in the participant list with a green line under their name while their endpoint is ringing.

If and when the participant answers the call they will join the conference; if they do not answer, or do not accept the call, they will disappear from the participant list. Outbound calls are placed from a Virtual Meeting Room to a participant when a Host uses the Add participant option, or if the Virtual Meeting Room has an automatically dialed participant configured.

To cancel an outbound call, from the Participant list , select the participant and then select Cancel Dialout. If you want to send a link to the meeting to someone so that they can join you, select the Share icon at the top left of the screen and then select Copy meeting link. You can then send this link to other participants who can paste it into their browser to join the meeting. From the Participant list , select the participant and then select Mute or Unmute. When muted, a icon is shown next to the participant’s name.

From the top of the side panel, select Control and then select Mute all Guests. From the Participant list , select the participant and then select Spotlight.

For more information, see Spotlighting a participant classic layouts only. Virtual Auditorium s only by default. From the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, select Raise my hand. The meeting Host is alerted that your hand is raised.

If you no longer wish to speak, you can select the button again to Lower my hand. Virtual Auditorium s only by default; requires Host privileges. From the top of the side panel, select Control and then select Show hands raised. From the Participant list , select the participant and then select Hand down.

From the Participant list , select the participant and then select Open dialpad. This opens a keypad:. This feature is generally used to communicate with external systems such as audio bridges, automated switchboards, and recording devices after they have been added to the conference. From the toolbar at the bottom of the window, select Open dialpad. This opens a keypad. From the Participant list , select the participant and then select Transfer Participant.

Enter the alias of the conference you wish to transfer the participant to, the PIN if applicable and whether they should join as a Guest or Host, and then select Transfer. From the participant list, select the participant’s name and then select Disconnect.

From the top of the side panel, select Control and then select Disconnect all. From the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, use the slider to adjust the volume level which is indicated by the green bar under the toolbar. From the top of the side panel, select Control and then select Get media stats. This brings up an overlay dialog that displays statistics such as the codec being used, incoming and outgoing audio and video bitrates, and how many data packets have been lost and received.

It also shows the software version of the client and the Pexip Infinity deployment it is connected to. Some tasks can be performed using a command-line-style text input from within the Filter by name box at the bottom of the Participant list. Hosts and Guests can filter the list of participants based on criteria such as their role or who is currently speaking. Hosts can also perform other conference control functions such as muting and unmuting participants, spotlighting a participant, and turning the text overlay on and off.

A description of each of the available commands is given in Text-based controls. Account Settings Logout. All Files. Submit Search. You are here:. Using the Infinity Connect desktop client All you need to do to make a call into a Pexip Infinity environment using the Infinity Connect desktop client is install it , enter your name , and then enter the alias of the person or conference you want to call. In this guide: Installing the Infinity Connect desktop client Getting started Registering your client to receive calls and use the directory Configuring your client Making a call Receiving a call Using in-call controls.

Getting started Your administrator may have provided you with a link that will automatically configure your Infinity Connect client with your personalized details such as your name and registration settings. If you need to manually configure your Infinity Connect client: Go to the Settings screen from the Infinity Connect home screen, under the main video window, select Settings. Select Registration.

Be aware that these fields are case-sensitive, and some devices default to uppercase for the first character of the user name. Select Register. You don’t need to register your client to make calls, only to receive them. Receiving a call When someone calls your endpoint by dialing the Alias you have registered with, you get the option to answer with video or voice audio only.


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Any participants recording the meeting would be able to freeze frames during playback and view potentially sensitive information. The best way to avoid Zoom bombing is to not share Zoom meeting numbers with anyone but the intended participants. Linked 7. Indicate that you wish to speak. Whether you are the presenter or a participant, you can view the current presentation in a separate pop-out window. The alias that this client will register with.


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