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6 Super Fun Activities for Your Next Virtual Meeting

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Apr 23,  · Eight Tips to Engage Participants at Your Zoom or Video Sales Calls. Tip 1: Grab their attention. In my recent TED talk, I mentioned an important fact: Two other TED speakers, Daniel Gilbert and Matt Killingsworth, had discovered we wander off in our thoughts and fail to be present almost half the time: 47 percent, according to their findings. Jul 27,  · Ask the artist to share their screen using the zoom whiteboard feature and draw that word. Have the participants guess in the chat. The first to guess gets to be the next artist. Desert Island Game Break into small groups through using the breakout room feature. Groups are given a scenario in which they are trapped on a deserted island. Dec 13,  · A different alternative to starting a Zoom meeting with laughter is playing read my lips. You mute yourself and say a phrase one time. A person in the call (you select who) needs to say what they think you say. And then that person selects who will read their lips and so on. It sounds basic, but reading lips is harder – and funnier – than it seems.


Zoom call engagement activities. Virtual Games to Play on Zoom with Coworkers & Adults in 2022

Set aside designated time, perhaps at the beginning of each meeting, for a team member to share one personal photo that is unrelated to work. Rock, paper, scissors. You can adapt rock, paper, scissors for your Zoom meetings by using the reactions feature. Ice Breakers for Zoom Meetings at Work. One Word or Phrase. · Zoom Activities for Team Building. Personality Inventories. · Promoting Teamwork and.


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