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Is Zoom Down Or Is It You?


Graph Type. Define how different channels are shown for this sensor:. Stack Unit. This setting is only visible if you enable Stack channels on top of each other as Graph Type.

Select a unit from the list. All channels with this unit are stacked on top of each other. By default, you cannot exclude single channels from stacking if they use the selected unit. However, there is an advanced procedure to do so. Debug Options. Result Handling. Define what PRTG does with the sensor result:. Inherited Settings. By default, all of the following settings are inherited from objects that are higher in the hierarchy.

We recommend that you change them centrally in the root group settings if necessary. To change a setting for this object only, click under the corresponding setting name to disable the inheritance and to display its options.

For more information, see section Inheritance of Settings. Scanning Interval. Click to interrupt the inheritance. Select a scanning interval from the dropdown list. The scanning interval determines the amount of time that the sensor waits between two scans. Choose from:. The minimum scanning interval of this sensor is 1 minute. The recommended scanning interval of this sensor is 5 minutes. If a Sensor Query Fails. Select the number of scanning intervals that the sensor has time to reach and to check a device again if a sensor query fails.

Depending on the option that you select, the sensor can try to reach and to check a device again several times before the sensor shows the Down status. This can avoid false alarms if the monitored device only has temporary issues. For previous scanning intervals with failed requests, the sensor shows the Warning status.

Sensors that monitor via Windows Management Instrumentation WMI always wait at least one scanning interval before they show the Down status.

It is not possible to immediately set a WMI sensor to the Down status, so the first option does not apply to these sensors. All other options can apply. If you define error limits for a sensor’s channels, the sensor immediately shows the Down status. None of the interval options apply. If a channel uses lookup values, the sensor immediately shows the Down status. Schedules, Dependencies, and Maintenance Window. You cannot interrupt the inheritance for schedules, dependencies, and maintenance windows.

The corresponding settings from the parent objects are always active. However, you can define additional schedules, dependencies, and maintenance windows. They are active at the same time as the parent objects’ settings. Select a schedule from the list. You can use schedules to monitor during a certain time span days or hours every week. You can create schedules, edit schedules, or pause monitoring for a specific time span.

For more information, see section Schedules. Maintenance Window. Select if you want to set up a one-time maintenance window. During a maintenance window, monitoring stops for the selected object and all child objects.

They show the Paused status instead. Choose between:. To terminate an active maintenance window before the defined end date, change the time entry in Maintenance Ends to a date in the past. Maintenance Begins.

This setting is only visible if you enable Set up a one-time maintenance window above. Use the date time picker to enter the start date and time of the one-time maintenance window.

To continue serving our incredible services to our customers and developers, we may be making changes rapidly,” the company wrote on its Developer Forum page. The company is advising users to download and install the Zoom desktop application until the issues are resolved. The San Jose, Calif.

To turn off Zoom, double-tap the screen with three fingers or use accessibility shortcuts. Adjust any of the following: Follow Focus: Track your selections, the text insertion point, and your typing. Smart Typing: Switch to Window Zoom when a keyboard appears. Keyboard Shortcuts: Control Zoom using shortcuts on an external keyboard.

Maximum Zoom Level: Drag the slider to adjust the level. If you use iPad with a pointer device, you can also set the following below Pointer Control: Zoom Pan: Choose Continuous, Centered, or Edges to set how the screen image moves with the pointer. When you find the. For more about recording Zoom meetings, see Create and store recordings of Zoom meetings. This is document aods in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on Skip to: content search login. Knowledge Base Toggle local menu Menus About the team.


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