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That’s just absolutely stellar. I don’t know that there’s other companies. I don’t know that there’s another company that can match that. Just absolutely tremendous. What I get excited about for the future of Zoom is, they did this slide for their Zoomtopia investor presentation. They showed these percentages here, are percentage penetration of the global 2, So, the top 2, companies across the globe. Obviously, these companies are international and large, and would benefit from having a Zoom product across the enterprise.

They have a number of customers that have recently moved. But this shows you that they have significant opportunity to grow even in the places where they’ve been, both the existing customers and in the large customers across the world.

Here’s a great example of how that happens and I wanted to show you. We often watch daily stock moves and quarter-to-quarter earnings announcements. But you look at this relationship with this large financial services company and they’ve expanded their relationship over four years. When you talk about owning companies for long periods of time, this is a great example of why things take time.

It was neat that initially, they purchased Zoom Rooms and Meetings, and then they expanded that. They’re in FY22 fiscal year, this current fiscal year which ends next January. This company is spending 4X the monthly recurring revenue that they did four years ago.

That’s just tremendous. You can see the Meetings and number of Phones and Rooms here under the contract has just grown significantly over time. They had another example, which is a similar example where they’ve added additional products along the way and with its purchase of Five9 for the contact center, that’s another way that Zoom can leverage its customer base to expand its market.

Rachel Warren: I think just building off of what you were saying. I loved that I was able to take advantage of the opportunity to get the stock at a discount. I think a lot of that comes down to the fact that you had a lot of investors buying in early on in the pandemic profiting off of those super high highs that the stock experienced.

Then maybe some got a little antsy about its prospects in this newer post-pandemic-ish reality and some maybe just decided to move on to other things. I personally think the company has so much growth opportunity left to pursue.

I think you have this situation we’re in now with more and more companies that are going maybe partially remote, fully remote, hybrid work I think is getting bigger and bigger. That’s particular area of growth that I think that Zoom can profit off of. Even though shares are down a little bit year-to-date, you still have these great quarterly reports that the company is releasing. The first quarter of its fiscal year It counts its year a little bit differently, it’s currently in its These numbers are still exceptional.

It’s not slowing down even though the world is reopening, there’s more vaccines out. Sure, it may not be all triple-digit increases across all of those metrics, like you saw in those earlier days. But it’s still recording really strong growth and I think it has a lot of room left.

Brian Withers: I can’t resist sharing the price-to-sales graph. This is just amazing to me. You mentioned that the share price is down. Well, the share price is down as the metrics for the company are going up. This is just insane. Calculated by average return of all stock recommendations since inception of the Stock Advisor service in February of Discounted offers are only available to new members.

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Key Points. Small business and individual subscribers are weighing on the company, but Zoom is still growing fast among big enterprise customers.

Today’s Change. Current Price. Shares have been in free fall, but it looks cheap by many metrics. Image source: Getty Images. Zoom Video Communications. Motley Fool Returns Market-beating stocks from our award-winning service. Stock Advisor Returns. Join Stock Advisor. Our Most Popular Articles.


Zoom Stock Is Down After Earnings. Is It a Buy? | The Motley Fool.Is Zoom Stock a Buy Now? | The Motley Fool


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Will Zoom Stock Keep Falling in ? | Markets Insider.Zoom stock goes full circle, hovers at pre-pandemic levels


Signing out of account, Standby It wasn’t so long will zoom stock go down after pandemic that Zoom Video NASDAQ: ZM was being called the darling of all pandemic stocks, having been perfectly positioned to ride the work-from-home wave that broke in But like Icarus, Zoom appears to have flown too close to the sun and their shares look like they’re within touching distance of giving bo all of their pandemic driven gains.

This might not come as a surprise to everyone. The two big questions on investors’ lips right now are can they remain relevant and can they find a way to succeed in a post-pandemic world?

The first port of call when trying to answer this question is the company’s latest ссылка на продолжение report, which was released after the bell rang to end Monday’s session. Still, he must find the current share price a tough pill to swallow.

So too must investors, who sent shares lower in the aftermath of what is a good speed for zoom release, suggesting that even after the massive sell off they’ve experienced, shares are still overpriced. They dipped down close to a post-pandemic low in Wednesday’s session and were looking soft again in Thursday’s pre-market action.

It seems that the company’s outlook for the quarter and year ahead is zoon viewed with will zoom stock go down after pandemic skepticism by investors, who are not fully convinced Yuan and his team know how to succeed without COVID. Citi analyst Tyler Radke cut his price target on Zoom shares in the aftermath of Monday’s release, while keeping his Neutral rating unchanged.

He felt the company’s revenue forecast “could have been worse”, and is cautiously optimistic their sales will pick up in the second half of the year. At the same time however, Radke noted that Zoom’s fourth aftre had the “smallest level of revenue upside seen to date and there were some customer metrics that showed signs of pressure and declines quarter-over-quarter”.

The team at Morgan Stanley struck a more bullish toneand maintained their Overweight rating on Zoom shares. Analyst Meta Marshall believes “the platform Zoom has built wkll generate double-digit growth for multiple years as new product usage grows”. A lot will depend on how well the company can compete with the likes of Microsoft Teams. This is something Morgan Stanley have been watching, and a note they issued last month will zoom stock go down after pandemic out that “growing interest in Teams isn’t leading to Zoom cancellations.

Zoom’s position has been underappreciated by the market. If its shares can manage to put in a low in the coming weeks, there might be an argument for a recovery rally play.

One of the few good things about the ongoing selloff is that it has brought Zoom’s price-to-earnings pnademic back down to earth, and its current level of 27 makes it a lot easier to buy than when it was in the will zoom stock go down after pandemic digits. Emily Rella. Devan Leos. John Kitchens. Skip to content Profile Avatar.

Subscribe to Entrepreneur. Magazine Subscriptions. By Sam Quirke March 3, This story originally appeared will zoom stock go down after pandemic MarketBeat. Entrepreneur Editors’ Picks. Most Popular. News and trends. Emily Rella May 11, Devan Leos Jun 2, John Kitchens May 20, Successfully copied link.


Can Zoom Video (NASDAQ: ZM) Succeed In A Post Pandemic World?

2 days ago · Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZM) is a poster child for the group of stocks that benefited from the early pandemic boom but ultimately faced a reckoning over the past year with the. Mar 02,  · Shares have been in free fall, but it looks cheap by many metrics. It’s been a terrible experience for anyone who has opted to purchase Zoom Video Communications (ZM %) stock since the summer. Jun 01,  · Since then, Zoom’s stock is down 67% and is now trading around where it was at the beginning of the all this stock volatility, Zoom has consistently produced strong business.

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